A Party Bus with a Mission

My husband and I like to do something once a year for someone in our community who needs help. Sometimes we will pay an entire month of someone’s living expenses, and other times we will do something for a group instead. He gets a nice bonus from work, and we feel blessed with what we have. Because of that, we use that bonus to help others. This past year, I got the idea to treat some of the women at the local homeless shelter along with their children. I had already looked at a Platinum party bus rental in Toronto so I knew that his bonus would cover exactly what I wanted to do.

I talked to one of the directors of the women’s shelter who helped me organize this special day. In total, 15 women and 29 children took part along with a few of the volunteers there. The party bus picked them up at the shelter. Their first stop was at a nice pizza place where the adults enjoyed their meals just as much as the kids did. The party bus then took them to Santa’s village. This is something that some of our friends had put together, and they had reserved a block of four hours for the children and their moms.

They had hot chocolate, helped Mrs. Claus make cookies, and then told Santa what they would love to have under their trees. Our friend kept a list of these items so we could make their dreams come true. In the meantime, we had the party bus take them back to the shelter, but we had it go the long way home. We wanted the kids to enjoy the Christmas music and lights in the party bus, and we wanted their moms to enjoy this touch of luxury. I was so moved by this that we may do the same thing again this year!

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