A Phone Built from Scratch

There is a guy who posts lots of videos online where he shows how he makes different things. Sometimes he makes things completely from scratch, while in his other videos he’ll re-purpose old technology into something new. He’s even taken apart brand new video game consoles and turned them into laptops. In one video, he created his own cell phone. The phone was a basic phone that didn’t have any of the fancy things that smart phones have, but it was still pretty impressive. I used information from a Ewen Chia review to learn how to gain money to buy the parts necessary to build my own phone.

The guy from the video had years of experience with electronics and had used many tools in the process. I wasn’t as skilled as him, but I did know a thing or two about soldering, which the guy did a lot. The cell phone from the video consisted of a simple screen to display phone numbers, signal strength, and battery power. In addition to that, the processor, number pad, speaker, battery, and antenna components were needed for the phone to function and dial numbers. There was also a slot for the phone to read SIM cards so it could access a wireless network.

I followed the instructions from the video to put together the phone and programmed instructions into it to access the wireless network. I tested the phone by calling my home phone and it worked, but the sound was full of static. I adjusted the hardware a little and tried the call again and it came in clear. I made a custom shell for the phone using a bit of plastic and a heat gun. I cut the plastic to the size I needed and then heated it with the gun and bent it into the shape of a case.

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