Best Brands of Electronic Cigarette

I really want to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes, and I have a lot of reasons to switch to something else. I think that at least for now, getting an e cigarette might be the best choice for me at the moment. I think it would have less of an impact on my health if I were to smoke e cigarettes. My wife also hates the smell of tobacco and that is a big reason why I am going to try to switch. She has been complaining about it a lot recently, and it is starting to cause some serious tension between us.

As I do not want to continue to fight over the issue, I figure that I better make some changes to my habits. I hope that it will not be too hard for me to transition to using an electronic cigarette. I have never tried one before though, so I guess I do not really know what to expect from the experience.

But I intend to buy one soon, so I will have a chance to try it out soon. It would kind of be nice to be able to try one out before I buy one. But I don’t have that opportunity so I am just going to buy one and check it out. At the worst, I won’t like it and it won’t be that big of a sink in money. But given my situation, even if I don’t like the experience, I am going to try use it anyway and make the switch. I am checking out some of the different flavors they have right now, and I am kind of overwhelmed by all of the different options. I am going to have to pick a flavor, or maybe two and try them out to see what I think.

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