Choosing a Great Honda Vehicle for Travel

Tiptonhonda 2.1jpegDeciding on the best Honda vehicle really depends on your circumstances. Or moving a lot of stuff long-distance of course you might consider a different vehicle than two people having a road trip across country or state for fun if you are travelling using a large family. No matter what your car or truck needs may be, you can be sure that Lemon Grove Honda will be able to meet all your needs.

It can become something of any juggling act, trying to decide which vehicle fits into a sort of middle ground, using the capability of satisfying those who are looking for comfort, drivability, space and speed, amongst other stuff! Which Honda vehicle appears to FIT this middle ground? The Honda Fit of course!

Don’t let the rather interesting name fool you, the Honda Fit is a superb candidate for going on nearly every trip, though amusingly, the name is perfect for these circumstances. Now, upon first inspection, the Honda Fit might seem rather small. Though it seats 5, trying to cram 5 adults in to the vehicle can be something of a chore. However, in most cases there will not be 5 adults travelling, instead you might expect either just a few adults, or 1 or 2 adults plus one or two children. With four people of various sizes within the Honda Fit there is plenty of room. Also, don’t let it’s comparatively small size fool you, the Honda Fit can fit (pun not intended) lots of stuff inside!

With fold down rear seats, the total storage space can be up to nearly 60 cubic feet! That’s up over 30 cubic feet in the storage space available when the rear seats are up. It is an amazing level of storage and space, making it an outstanding, comfortable choice for a long trip. If you have a compact family and wish to travel, though considering the Honda Fit since the best available Honda for travelling is a bit of a compromise, it is a good and fair compromise and definitely worth considering. Check out for a great selection.

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