What I Learned at a Dinner Party Helped Start a New Career for Me

My wife dragged me to a dinner party one night when I was very tired. Most that I have gone to have been pretty boring, yet I go because she really enjoys them. But on the particular night in question, I just wanted to stay home and relax due to a particularly grueling work week. But my wife is persuasive enough that she got me to go. I am glad that I did because the big topic of the night was a man named Ewen Chia who most everyone at the dinner knew about, but he was new to me. That night changed my life in a way that I never expected would happen.

I had the faintest knowledge of what affiliate marketing is before hearing about it that night. I knew that it is basically a way for people, especially bloggers, to route potential customers to a variety of different company websites. Those companies then pay the bloggers for the newly routed web page traffic. Outside of that, I didn’t know if people made much money at it or if the pay was low enough to only be considered hobby cash. I learned that some people make fantastic money with it. That is where I became highly interested.

Apparently, a lot of people who get into it simply thing all they have to do is to start a blog and start posting instructions to their viewers about going to visit different sites. But too many people don’t get that you need to have a steady stream of your own blog visitors, you must be persuasive or no one will care where you want them to go and much more. The guy named Ewen that everyone at the party was talking about has a popular training course where you can learn all the secrets that will help. I signed up right away and have already been making money because of the secrets that I learned.

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